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Want to know more about the people who look after you here in The Bull? Meet Rebecca Fanning - she's been with us more than six years, she loves a Dutch city that isn't Amsterdam and she reckons she's the life and soul of the place...

Name: Rebecca Fanning

Role: Waitress / life and soul of the place!

How long have you been working here? Six and a half years.

What's your favourite tipple? My favourite tipple is the kazoozul cocktail – yum! (For those of you intrigued this comprises of port, amaretto, ginger liqueur, squeeze of lemon with a dash of Red Bull).

What's your favourite dish on the menu? The Chicken Sizzler - nom!

What's your favourite song? Oooh, my favourite song? At the moment I love 'Firestones' by Kygo.

...and movie? The Dark Knight Rises.

Your favourite place in the world is? Oh Lord! Where have I been? Jaysus, that’s hard question. That’s a tough one. Ah yes – Rotterdam!

What do you like to do on your days off? Sleep and die of a hangover!

What's your favourite thing about Drogheda? I love to socialise with my friends and most of all, make them smile