Abdul Abidi BB
Want to know a bit more about the people who look after you here ‪#‎AtTheBull‬? Meet Abdul Abidi, who is here a grand total of 24 years and considers himself to be an aul’ fashioned fella…

What's your role in The Bull?


How long have you been working in The Bull?
24 years!

What's your favourite tipple?
You can’t beat a good pint of Irish Guinness.

What's your favourite dish on the menu?
My favourite dish? That’s very hard to pick. Very hard to pick… but I like spicy food. So because of that, my favourite dish is the Gambas Portuguese.

What's your favourite song?
Well, I’m an old fashioned fella so it would have to be The Drifters – ‘Save the last dance for me’.
…and movie?
Hmmm… good question. My favourite movie is the one with Denzel Washington about apartheid in South Africa – Cry Freedom.

Your favourite place in the world is...
I’d have to go back to my early days so since I used to work as a tour guide in Ibiza so that’s where I’d have to say.

What do you like to do on your days off?
I like to relax and take it easy – play chess and listen to music. You – just take it easy

What’s your favourite thing about Drogheda?
I love Drogheda’s diversity. It’s a lot more multicultural than it was when I first came here.