When it comes to live music in Drogheda, The Bull is where it's at. Every month we host all type of live DJs and bands and May is no different. 

Every Friday and Saturday night this month we'll have a mix of live music and DJs in our different bars. MAY LINEUP 2016

Here's what's lined up this month...

Friday 6th: Chris Carr (Itzabar), Luke Moore (China Shop)
Saturday 7th: Alan Kennedy (Itzabar), Gaz Reay (China Shop)

Friday 13th: Greg Chow (Itzabar)
Saturday 14th: Alan Kennedy (Itzabar), Chris Carr (China Shop)

Friday 20th: Greg Chow (Itzabar)
Saturday 21st: Gaz Reay (Itzabar), Luke Moore (China Shop)

Friday 27th: Gaz Reay (Itzabar), James Leech (China Shop)
Saturday 28th: Alan Kennedy (Itzabar), Rod and Billy (China Shop)

June Bank Holiday

Friday 3rd: Greg Chow (Itzabar), James Leech (China Shop)
Saturday 4th: Alan Kennedy (Itzabar), Gaz Reay (China Shop)
Sunday 5th: Alan Kennedy (Itzabar), Luke Moore (China Shop)
Monday 6th: Industry Night (China Shop)